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Hi, I’m Malin!

I’m so glad that you have found me and my little corner of the internet. This blog is my personal, creative space — a place where I can share my digital content and travel experiences.

I have a huge love for travelling and being creative. As a kid, I was obsessed with color books and puzzles. I always enjoyed the way patterns, typography and color intertwined to create something totally unique. As an adult, I have used photography and Instagram to document all the beautiful things that caught my eye. Now, I am taking all that inspiration and giving it a new home, planandescape.

I decided to start this platform from my passion for content creation, sustainability and travel cravings. Travel is one of my biggest inspirations – the world is filled with pieces that I want to bring into my life. As a travel enthusiast there is nothing that sparks more joy than packing my bag and take off on a new adventure. Plan and escape is a collection of places that left me with unforgettable memories but also the excitement of all the corner of the world that I yet not exploded. I will share with you my travel guides with real insight into destinations and the ethical and sustainable practices and products that support my own personal growth and imprint on the world. On this blog, I hope you find the same sense of wonder and worldly inspiration that I do.

My five mood boosters are:

– cities that gets my heart raising
– unforgettable solo trip memories
– navigating through different cultures
– my obsession with beautiful buildings
– the inspiring era of slow travel

*I want you to be aware that some links on Plan and Escape may contain affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I may receive a small percentage of your purchase. I choose to work with brands that I genuinely love so everything is carefully recommended, by me to you.

Since we are in a middle of a global pandemic at the moment. I will be posting mostly from the place that I call home, Copenhagen.

Take a look around and let’s escape together.