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    Navigating a world on pause: coping strategies

    DO YOU GOT A LOT OF TIME on your hands and find it hard to keep your mood up when put in self-quarantine? This is for sure some bizarre time with not only travel bans but we have also been put into isolation all around the world. We have a responsibility to take this very seriously and take precautions to not get sick and spread the virus. This has also resulted in a lot of frustration, fairness and boredom (I am literally crawling the walls). But let’s stay optimistic because this won’t last forever. My biggest problem with this pandemic (so far) is to keep some sort of productivity while…

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    Journey with Purpose: Welcome to ‘plan and escape’

    Welcome to my little corner of the internet, my newborn plan and escape. MY LOVE STORY started 10 years ago when I flew to London with a group of friends. This was my first flight trip and I was absolutely ecstatic. London did not disappoint, It was love at first sight. I was completely hooked. Never could I have imagined the adrenaline rush. I had found my drug: traveling. Traveling for me is looking at life in a new perspective and immersing myself in the places I visit. A way to learn about different cultures, meet interesting people and explore amazing sights that tell a story about our ancestors. Today…