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    8 reasons why you should take a solo trip

    First time I went on a solo trip was back in 2017. It started out with me planning a trip with a friend to Croatia for a long weekend. Unfortunately she had to cancel at the last minute and I couldn’t find anyone with the time and money to join me. So I was left with a choice, should I stay at home or go on my own? I decided to go anyway because I already booked my flight tickets and took time off from work. Taking this trip was a big step for me who has never traveled on my own before. I am an introvert to the core…

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    Castle hunting trip around Germany

    SEARCHING FOR A FAIRYTALE GETAWAY IN 2020? Germany will not disappoint. Germany is a dream destination when it comes to hunting down castles and palaces. This enchanting country is a treasure trove of dozens of castles, each with its own unique charm and secrets waiting to be unveiled. While iconic landmarks like Neuschwanstein Castle and the breathtaking Eltz Castle have earned their fame, I’m here to introduce you to some lesser-known gems, hidden off the beaten path. My castle-hunting journey will take us to lofty hilltop fortresses, islands steeped in history and woods concealing ancient secrets. These castles offer a diverse range of experiences. Some graciously welcome the public, inviting…