My guide to Paris’ 20 arrondissements

PARIS OH PARIS, I am totally in love with this city and it is such a charming place. Paris is filled with rich history, famous monuments, over-the-top museums and Haussmann-style buildings. It has a reputation of having the best jazz clubs, art collections and high-end fashion in Europe. To sum it up, everything that I love and maybe you do too.

Paris is one of the most popular cities in Europe and visited by more tourists every year. It is home to over 2 million people and has unlimited corners to explore. Paris is broken into different “arrondissements” – different districts of the city. I wanted to collect all the fabulous areas in Paris and squeeze them all into one post. I also wanted to add my top recommendations on what you can do and see while strolling around these hoods. I hope this guide can help you decide where you want to spend your time when visiting Paris. So this is my guide to the 20 arrondissements of Paris:

If you are planning a trip to Paris and want some basic information about Paris and how to get around, read up on it here.

The city is made up of 20 arrondissements, each with its own personality. If you look at all distinct neighbourhoods of Paris on a map. You can see that it is shaped like a spiral, starting from the middle and going outward. When you look up neighbourhoods in Paris you will probably come across areas like MaraisSaint-German-Des-Prés and Latin Quarter. These are for sure the most talked-about areas in Paris. When it comes to tourist attractions Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Arc de Trioupme are the most popular ones. This guide includes all of Paris’s 20 neighbourhoods with a short introduction. This way you get an overview of all the neighbourhoods that Paris has to offer so you can decide where you want to spend your time.


1st arr.

Located right in the beating heart of Paris is the Louvre arrondissement which is known as the museum district. This is a tourist hotspot especially for art and shopping. So if you came to Paris to shop you should head over to Rue Saint-Honoré and the shopping center, Les Halles.


  • It is home to the well-known Louvre museum (closed on Tuesdays) and its glass pyramid landmark. This art museum has some of the world’s most iconic artwork such as the world known Mona Lisa painting. People come here for its many famous attractions.
  • Wander through the beautiful Jardin des Tuileries garden, a beautiful oasis in the middle of bustling Paris!
  • My personal favourite place in this neighbourhood is Palais Royal. I would recommend going here to people watch and especially photobomb the striped columns within the Les Deux Plateaux courtyard.

TIPS! Make your way to the historic center, Ile de la Cité (the Parisian Isla) which is one of the two islands on the Seine river. Visit the stunning chapel Saint Chapelle and spectacular Conciergerie. But also wander the Place Dauphine square and take photos from every angle.


2nd arr.

The Bourse arrondissement is known as the financial district with its former stock exchange building and trading centers. It is a small neighbourhood and a bit underrated even though extremely central. There are also a lot of trendy restaurants in this area especially on Rue Montorgueil. Book a table and dine in a Parisian bistro.


  • This is where you find the oldest covered walkway, Passage des Panoramas that is full of boutiques, cafés, bookstores and of course that Parisian charm.
  • One of my favourite places in this area is Galerie Vivienne and its golden walls and glass ceiling. Go and check it out for yourself – it is amazing! 

TIPS! There is a green wall, like literally, full of plants climbing the wall on Rue d’Aboukir. Just something I stumbled upon on my previous trip to Paris.


3rd and 4th arr.

The most hyped district in Paris is Maraise, also known as the Jewish Quarter. This is where you find treasures like vintage shops, art galleries, hidden parks and trendy concept stores like Merci. Not to forget the spectacular des Arts et Métiers museum and Saint Gilles du Grand Veneur square.


  • The National Picasso-Paris museum has a nice shop and fabulous interior. Even though Picasso was a Spanish-born artist, his work is remarkable and found inside one of the prettiest buildings in Paris.
  • I mentioned the historic center, Ile de la Cité already but on the ‘Maraise side’ of the island is the Notre Dame Cathedral. Go here to admire the beautiful cathedral which is now under renovation after the devastating fire in 2019.

TIPS! Walk over to one of Paris’s oldest parks, Place de Vorges park which is a beautiful square in the Maraise arrondissement. If you want to learn more about the history of Paris you should head over to both Musé Carnevalet that is located close to the park and has an amazing courtyard.

Latin Quarter

5th arr.

The Latin Quarter arrondissement is the oldest part of Paris and where you find a lot of French students, a lovely botanical garden and the famous Panthéon. This neighbourhood is a perfect spot to buy a morning croissant and a coffee. Why not take a stroll along the Seine and check out the stalls all the way to the Eiffel Tower. Each stall has something new to offer, from souvenirs, old books to beautiful artwork.


  • Narrowest street in Paris, Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche.
  • I went over to Abbey Bookshop on my previous trip to Paris to pick up a book. This place is absolutely adorable and has a huge collection of English second hand books from floor to ceiling. The Latin Quarter arrondissement is filled with cute bookstores but this is by far my favourite one.
  • Walk over to sit on the steps of Saint-Étienne-du-Mont and people watch before heading out on town.


6th arr.

My favourite arrondissement in all of Paris is classic Saint-German-Des-Prés. It is a cultural and artist center with plenty of vintage shops and bookstores.


  • Don’t forget to pack a bottle of wine, cheese and a baguette and head over to Jardin du Luxembourg for a picnic. This is one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen and a perfect spot to just come and relax for an hour or two. Close to the park you find a lesser-known museum, the Musée Zadkine. It has a beautiful courtyard that is free to enter.
  • An absolute must is to visit the famous Café de Flore, order a glass of wine and just people watch from their terrace.

TIPS! The Montparnasse tower is actually in Saint-German-Des Prés arrondissement and offers an amazing view of the city.

Eiffel Tower

7th arr.

This is the arrondissement where you find the Eiffel Tower (kind of obvious) and the Champs de Mars park. Other highlights in this area is to explore the Rue Cler street markets and dine at a French restaurant. Cross the beautiful Pont Alexandre III bridge on your way over to the 8th arrondissement, Art De Triumphe.


  • If you like museums then you should go and pose with statues at Musée Rodin. If you can’t get enough museums, why not wander around at Musée d’Orsay which is located inside a former train station. If you happen to visit Musée d’Orsay remember to climb up the clock tower to the fifth floor for an amazing view of Paris.
  • This is also where you find Paris’ oldest department store, Le Bon Marché which is absolutely fabulous.

TIPS! Do you have a weak spot for art nouveau architecture like me? Then you should check out the Immeuble Lavirotte building.

Arc De Triomphe

8th arr.

From the Eiffel Tower, you can then walk across the Pont d’Iéna to the other side of the Seine. Arc De Triomphe is an iconic area of Paris, it has a lot of those Paris classic buildings and activities. If you wish to splurge or just go window shopping then this is the perfect district for you.


  • Slowly make your way up 284 steps to the Arc de Triumphe. It stands in the middle of a busy street intersection and give you a spectacular 360-degree view.
  • Stroll along Avenue des Champs-Élysées and buy a box of Macarons from the famous Ladurée.
  • If you are looking for more cultural activities then head over to Petit Palais.

TIPS! On my next trip to Paris I will make sure to take a relaxing stroll through Monceau Parc.

Opéra Garnier

9th arr.

Are you looking for a romantic spot? Then you should wander around in the (hidden away) Musée de la Vie Romantique courtyard and greenhouse – it won’t disappoint. The Opéra Garnier arrondissement main attraction is the Rue des Martyrs is the life and soul. This is where you find trendy (and hectic) nightlife, contemporary café culture and world-class shopping (more on the touristy side). What else? You probably heard about the famous opera house, Palais Garnier – make it a stop to take in the beautiful Beaux-Arts style and gorgeous staircase.


  • If you haven’t got tired of shopping yet then Galeries Lafayette and Le Printemps department stores are a must. While shopping, don’t forget to head up to the rooftop terrace and snap some photos of the amazing view.
  • For off-the-radar galleries, take a peek into Amelie Maison dA’ rt, which has made the experience of shopping for art less intimidating.
  • The area boasts vibrant nightlife… at hotspots like Le Carmen, Chez Moune or the outrageous tiki bar called Dirty Dick.
  • If you came to Paris to explore the nightlife scene, this is where to go clubbing. If you are like me and into hipster dance floors? Check our La Mano.

TIPS! Browse art at the Gustave Moreau museum and pose at the gorgeous staircase.

How to get there: Metro line 7 stops directly in the basement of Galeries Lafayette and Metro line 2 will drop you off in the heart of Pigalle.

Canal Saint-Martin

10th arr.

If you are coming to Paris by train then this is probably where you will end up, at Gare du Nord or Gare de I’Est. The Canal Saint-Martin arrondissement is a cute hipster district where a lot of creatives hang out. I would recommend taking a stroll along the beautiful canal, going for a Sunday brunch and checking out the cool second hand shops. There are also plenty of trendy bars and cute cafés so a perfect base for your stay – did I mention less-crowded. It has a relaxed feel but still that Parisian characteristics that you want because after all, you are in Paris. Perfect if you seek a more local look and a more authentic Paris scene.

How to get there: Metro lines 5, 8, 9 and 11 all stop at République, which is a short walk away from the canal.

Faubourg St. Antoine

11th arr.

The Faubourg St. Antoine arrondissement is for sure a district I want to explore more next time I am in Paris. It is known for being full of hipsters, maybe why i love it so much. It is an hip area with tons of cool bars, open-air markets, trendy restaurants and a buzzing nightlife scene. If you are looking to get away from hoards of tourists, this is a good area to stay in.

  • I would for sure visit the Marché Bastille market
  • Catch a ballet show at L’Opéra Bastille
  • Do some shopping along Rue de Charonne with lots of smaller, independent shops and boutiques
  • Has a famous cemetery, Père Lachaise cemetery Edith Piaf and Oscar Wilde are buried
  • Wander the busy streets around the Oberkampf neighborhood

How to get there: Lines 5 and 9 stop at Oberkampf and 1, 5 and 8 stop at Bastille.


12th arr.

Here is where you find the instagram famous Rue Crémieux alley that is filled with pastel coloured houses. But there is more to the Bercy arrondissement than a cute street. You will find Paris’ biggest park, cool restaurants, street art and cute concept shops in Bercy Village. Squeeze in a visit to the Musée des Arts Forains on your tour around this huge neighbourhood.

TIPS! Are you familiar with New York City’s famous Highline? Paris has their own version, the La promenade Plantée. It is an elevated park and a romantic walkway from the hustle and bustle.

How to get there: Lines 1, 5 and 8 stop at Bastille which is a short walk from the main sights. Line 1 and 14 service Gare de Lyon.


13th arr.

The Tolbiac arrondissement is a quiet and suburban-ish neighbourhood. This district is known for being a cosmopolitan area with a French charm. If you find yourself in this part of Paris, stroll down Buttes aux Cailles and wander down Le Square des Peupliers. Grab lunch at one of the many restaurants in Chinatown.

TIPS! I have a thing for pretty libraries. If you are into books too, visit the François-Mitterrand library. I have heard it is amazing!


14th arr.

Most people come here to explore the eerie underground tunnels of Catacombes de Paris. If you like flea markets and want to pick up a few things from Paris to bring back home. Then you should head over to Vanves flea market. Overall, the Montparnasse arrondissement is more of a residential area than a touristy one.

TIPS! Worth checking out in this district is the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation and his beautiful photographs and exhibitions.


15th arr.

The Vaugirard arrondissement offers greenhouses, markets and hot-air balloon rides. If you like churches but want to experience something a bit different, then Eglise Saint-Seraphin-de-Sarov is a must. Other things to do is walk over to Bir Hakeim bridge to take some photos of the Eiffel Tower and visit Bourdelle Museum and his fabulous studio and garden.

TIPS! Paris actually has a replica of the Statue of Liberty! On the little island between Vaugirard and Passy is, Île aux Cygnes.


16th arr.

This arrondissement is where you find 5-star hotels, gorgeous art nouveau architecture and a lot of green areas to relax in. Stroll around the gardens of Albert Kahn and take a walk in the Bois de Boulogne park. On the other end of the park is the beautiful Jardin des Serres d’auteuil – not to be missed. In Passy you will also find the Louis Vuitton Foundation and the Palais de Tokyo museum. If you are into architecture and familiar with architect Héctor Guimard you are gonna love this district.

TIPS! The Eiffel Tower is most appreciated from afar, this is why Jardins du Trocadéro is a great place to take in the beautiful tower.


17th arr.

I don’t think you can come further from the city pulse than this! This neighbourhood is a bit rough around the edges yet bohemian. Personally I am very intrigued to explore this further – it probably has some hidden treasures.


  • Start by heading over to the Square des Batignolles and exploring this off the beaten path arrondissement. It has independent shops, classic French patio meal, charming streets and galleries.
  • I have heard good things about Musée Nissin-de-Camodo and another spot that I think you should check out is the National Jean-Jacques Henner museum.
  • Have a picnic in one of Paris most beautiful parks, Parc Monceau.

How to get there: Line 2 services the 17th with stops at Blanche for Batignolles and Courcelles for Parc Monceau.


18th arr.

The bohemian and artsy district of Paris which has a real charm to it. In Montmartre, you find cute cafés, Moulin Rouge cabaret, cozy bars that play Edith Piaf on vinyl and the wall of love (Le Mur des Je t’aime).


  • Climbing up the hill to Sacré-Couer Basilica and strolling around the alleys. The basilica in itself is of course magnificent and not to forget the view on top of the hill overlooking the city. If you are looking for the best view of the basilica you walk down the stairs to the carousel at Louise-Michel square.
  • Two adorable spots in the area are Le Consulat where you can grab a freshly baked croissant and restaurant La Maison Rose that is found along a charming cobblestone street. 
  • You have probably seen photos of the optical illusion, the sinking house in Montmartre. 

TIPS! Check out the Vignes du Clos Montmartre vineyards when walking around in this neighbourhood. And my new found gem, Vla Léandre which is an English-inspired art deco street.

La Villette

19th arr.

Looking for Parisian architecture and some cultural spaces in Paris? This is where to go. Bring your camera and go nuts! La Villette is filled with theatres, it has an open-air cinema and a huge urban park called Parc de la Villette. One of my favourites is the dreamy park, Parc des Buttes Chaumont. It looks like a little romantic oasis where you can relax with a book, picnic or just escape the city plus for a moment.

How to get there: Metro line7B goes straight to the Parc de Buttes-Chaumon, Metro line 7 for la Villette or line 5 for the canal at Laumière.


20th arr.

Last but not least, an up-and-coming area: the Belleville arrondissement. This part of the city has that true Parisian feel to it. If you for some reason get tired of drinking wine, Belleville has some of the city’s best craft beer scene.


  • Come here to admire some public art murals along Rue Denoyez and just walk the charming cobbled streets.
  • Explore the beautiful Parc de Belleville that I heard has an amazing view of the city. Or climb the Parc des Buttes Chaumont for a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Later, take a walk through Pére Lachaise Cemetery where many famous French icons are laid to rest.

How to get there: Line 2 runs through the 20th stopping at Père Lachaise, Ménilmontant and Belleville. 

Paris is truly magical and I hope this guide helped you with finding your way around lovely Paris!

Which neighbourhood in Paris is your favourite?


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