Journey with Purpose: Welcome to ‘plan and escape’

Welcome to my little corner of the internet, my newborn plan and escape.

MY LOVE STORY started 10 years ago when I flew to London with a group of friends. This was my first flight trip and I was absolutely ecstatic. London did not disappoint, It was love at first sight. I was completely hooked. Never could I have imagined the adrenaline rush. I had found my drug: traveling.

Traveling for me is looking at life in a new perspective and immersing myself in the places I visit. A way to learn about different cultures, meet interesting people and explore amazing sights that tell a story about our ancestors. Today I have a more sustainable approach towards traveling. I like the movement of slow travel to reduce the environmental impact and the appeal of responsible tourism. I think our travel future is somewhere in between integration and interaction with strangers. In the future, I hope traveling will bring people closer together rather than separate us.

Hello and welcome

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I moved to Copenhagen almost six months ago and landed a job as a travel consultant. I felt immediately at home. I already spend most of my free time planning trips, so why not help others do the same? But then the virus hit (also known as COVID-19) and it was pretty much downhill from there… In all this anxiety and uncertainty that I was experiencing – a side hustle was born: a travel blog.

My aim is to use this blog as an inspiration and travel-collection space. A place where I get to share my wildest dreams but also travel guides from my own experiences. I hope to create a space where I and you as a reader can share our favorite spots on this planet and learn a thing or two in the process. Since I am a sucker for sustainability and being creative. I will try to combine the two and get to know new places along the way. I am a dreamer, so I hope you want to join me as I discover the globe.


It seems like we are going to be stuck in this bubble for a while. So I thought it might be best to start this blog journey here, in the pandemic haze. Watching the news, countries have put restrictions and warnings in place because of the spread of the COVID-19. Flights have been suspended, schools shutting down, restaurants closing their doors… It does not look great does it? All across the globe travel bans have increased rapidly and everyone is advised to stay home. Maybe you are in self-quarantine, emptying your work schedule or working your ass off as a healthcare worker.

Despite all the worries, I know that I am not alone in this mess (yes, COVID, I am looking at you) and that we will get through this together. I have decided to make the best out of my isolation and unemployment time: focus on a new project. Are you like me and got some extra time on your hands for travel planning and looking for inspiration? Why not take advantage of this stay-at-home time and plan your next adventure.

If you like to read up on the latest updates about the virus, check out the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) websites. These are two reliable sources where you can read up on the spread of COVID-19. They update recently about basic rules to be aware of to keep yourself and others safe.

Take care of each other, wash your hands and start planning your next escape.

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